I believe in moving at a sustainable pace and fixing what’s broken.

My name is Kyle. I design and build digital products that are intuitive, accessible, beautiful, and fun. I’ve done this professionally since 2012, and I’ve been designing for the web since 2007.

This is a home for things I’ve made and how I’ve made them. My goal is for anyone (and anyone’s grandma) to understand what I’ve written. Although the focus is on my design and the process behind it, case studies occasionally detour to explore interesting, relevant topics.

Good design stems from:

  • Understanding. Before prescribing solutions, research why things are the way they are. There’s a reason. (But that doesn’t mean the reason is right.) Listen to experts in whatever form they take.
  • Principle. Value well-being over profitability and engagement. A quick win isn’t worth sacrificing your convictions.
  • Order. Problems feel less daunting when you’re not surrounded by chaos. Clean up messes, even ones you didn’t make. Your teammates will thank you.
  • Inclusivity. Design with, and for, others who are not like you. You’ll create better solutions, and seeing life from a new perspective is a wonderful gift.
  • Humility. Sometimes you’ll be wrong. Accept it early and move on. Sometimes the real solution lies beyond your power. That’s ok, too. Suggest a path forward.

Most recently, I worked at Dropbox, where I helped develop a better way to coordinate the way we message users, among some other things. In October, I designed and built a site for the poet and drag performer, Wo Chan.

I’m currently seeking a new full-time role in NYC that will allow me to contribute design and front-end engineering skills toward voting reform, urban planning, the arts, social and environmental justice, or other progressive causes.

Message me at kyle@kyledecker.me. I’m always happy to chat over coffee or drinks if you’re in New York. Say hi.